3 lb. Package Bees with 2 Queens?


My New Zeeland bee package is arriving in a few days to Zone 3a, (53 degrees North). From my understanding these New Zeeland Queens are not the best for this Northern Latitude. Too have a better chance of wintering in my locality I have also purchased a Saskatraz Queen that will eventually be my wintering Queens. My question is: What are my chances of success if I place the package into 2 Nucs that have only a Queen excluder between them with a Queen in each Nuc box. I?m hoping by some time in June I can pinch the N. Z. queen and split into two hives. Yes, I know now I should have waited and requeend later in June, rookie mistake. I have drawn comb and some comb honey for a head start, but still a Newbeek, thanks in advance. AVP