Can't Add Another Hive To My Yard


This isn’t actually a request, but something I’m having trouble with. I can’t seem to add another hive to my yard. I was able to add my first hive when I created the yard, but nothing happens when I click the large + in the corner when I try to add my other hive.

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@The15thMember so this happens when you try to add a hive to a yard that already contains a hive? Are you on a mobile device or desktop? Also, could you provide steps to reproduce the issue?

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It only happens on my desktop. When I log in and go to the tab “Hives”, and click on the large + button in the corner, the button moves like it registers the click, but nothing happens. On my mobile device the + button works fine, but then I can’t create the hive because I can’t scroll down.


Thank you :slight_smile:
we are looking into this issue. What browser are you using? Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc?


I’m using Internet Explorer. IE10, I believe.


I was able to reproduce the issue you are having. I was successfully able to reproduce it on IE10, and IE11. It looks like everything is working fine on chrome though.

I Have opened an internal support ticket with our dev’s. We are going to look into this issue.

Thank you for letting us know about the bug! :slight_smile:

Internal Ticket #79


@The15thMember we were able to fix the bug and push the solution to production this morning. Could you please check to make sure that you can add a hive/yard on your end in internet explorer?


Hooray, it seems to be working great now! I was able to add my other hive on my laptop, and I tested it and was able to scroll down on my iPod as well. Thanks for getting it fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great (: let us know if you find any more bugs. We want to make this app usable for everyone :grinning:


FYI to anyone looking at this post, hive buddy 2.0 will be releases in the coming weeks and this issue is fixed