Hello I Need Your help


Hi, my name is Kaylah. I have recently started a research blog for a class project. While doing research is the main priority, creating a community is my goal as well. I have interviewed local beekeepers but would love to get to know beekeepers in locations outside of VA. Please consider adding some information to my forum page!! https://kaymc2142.wixsite.com/wherewouldwebee/forum

Thanks so much.

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Hey Kaylah,

Welcome to the forum. I’d love to answer some questions for research. I’m from the Netherlands wich is, I believe, just outside the VA area :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Feel free to contact me. I’m allready a member of 2 fora, but maybe I could add one more to that list.

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Thank you so much for adding your story and I look forward to hearing more. You’ve been a huge help. Best of luck!!

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