Hi from northern BC


I’m new to the bee :honeybee: community and just want to help out. I have a small property but am interested in bee houses and flowers.


Hi leopardlindley,

Welcome to the forum! Nice to hear you are interested in bees. Are you looking into becoming a beekeeper yourself?

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welcome :slight_smile:


Probably not a beekeeper per say but I’d like to use my houses more effectively to help the population. I have a little house and just bought a bigger one from Costco! Need to figure out best place to put it etc. and what plants to plant. I love honey bees but don’t have the space.


It’s great to see your interest in helping all bees! Native bees are under just as much pressure as honey bees, even more so in the sense that they never get the media coverage or publicity like the honey bees do since they aren’t economically important. They need people just like you who are willing to take their needs into consideration so they can continue to serve their vital function in the ecosystem. I was thinking about writing a post about native pollinators, but wasn’t sure it was relevant to this forum, but since there seems to be someone interested, maybe I will. Check out Rusty Burlew’s website HoneyBeeSuite. She has lots of info on native bees, and great info on keeping honey bees too. I’m an avid follower of her blog.

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Thank you!! I am new to trying to do something about it but have always loved bees. The catch is my mom is deathly allergic so I need to be careful. It’s never the bees I really worry about with her, it’s those hornets! I’d love more info on pollinators in general. I love love bumble bees, they make me smile!!