Hi, my name is Wiebren


and I’m a 40yo beekeeper from Fryslan, The Netherlands. I got into beekeeping about a year ago and started doing a course in February. I received my certificate this evening, still have sweaty palms from the exam :slight_smile:

Nice to be on an international forum to see what problems other beekeepers run into. Or to share some nice stories with, ofcourse.

If you want to add me on Instagram, aweebrain is my handle.

Happy beekeeping to all! May the swarm bee with you!


Welcome to the forum for bee keepers! Thanks a lot for your positive comment. We are what you would call “open”, Which means we work for the bee keepers. We want our users feed back to not only improve the forum but the Hive Buddy hive management software as well.

Getting your certificate today must has been a pretty awesome moment. Was it tough? Also, did it teach you a lot or did you already know most of the stuff ?
I laughed out loud when I read “May the swarm be with you” :smile:


Hey Michael,

I was practically a blank slate when I started the course. Ofcourse I knew a few things from biologyclasses. I got my first beecolony in june/july so from that moment on I was really learning from experience instead of just theory. Ran into some problems with European Hornets, had two colonies of those f#@kers up at the place where my bees are. But they survived and are quite strong in numbers.
Now that we’re going into the winter I’m really curious about how they’ll hold up. Probably have to replace the queen in the springtime, since she is quite old.

Thanks for the welcome message! Hope to hear from more beekeepers in the future!

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Welcome to the forum and to beekeeping! Hopefully your girls will have a good winter. I’m heading into my first winter with bees too. Just out of curiosity, how is your name pronounced? I love languages, so I’d like to be saying it accurately. Would it be “Vee-bren”, since Dutch is a Germanic language?

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Thanks for the welcome message! Exciting times ahead for both of us then! I’m going to check on the ladies one last time tomorrow, since it ‘ll be 18 to 20 degrees celcius. Probably for the last time this year.

It’s pronounced wee-bren, it’s actually a Frisian name. The second official languange in the Netherlands. It is said that the Netherlands is a country that has a different dialect at every off-ramp off a highway, wich is kind of true. But only Dutch and Frisian are official languages. I don’t speak Frisian very well, but I understand it fluently since my parents spoke it when they were talking about us :wink:.

Where are you from?

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Fascinating! I didn’t know the Netherlands had two official languages, much less that much variation in dialect. I’m in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina in the USA. It’s pretty temperate, nice weather for beekeeping, not overly hot or cold, although it is quite damp here right now, and I’m having a little bit of a mold issue in between my inner and outer covers on my hives. I got some screened inner covers though, so once I get them painted, I’ll put them on and hopefully that will fix it. I’m originally from the state of Pennsylvania, and not a native southerner, but I love it here, and will probably live here for the rest of my life. It’s much more rural than anywhere else I’ve lived, and the people are so nice and relaxed.

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Nice! Mold is a bit of an issue here as well. We’re a country wth a lot of lakes and in a delta below sea level, hence the nether in Netherlands.
I’ve visited Florida in 2016 but would love to do a bit more travelling in the US. Really fascinated by your country. It has so many cultures and customs that seem kind of odd to us Europeans, i guess. Maybe next year we’ll plan a holiday to the New World!

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This is me tending to my hive!

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