Hive Buddy 2.0 Coming Soon


Happy Tuesday everyone!

As you know, the Hive Buddy hive mangement system ( is in version 1.0. We released it months ago to see if it would peak interest in the bee keeping community. I am happy to say that it did.

As we built this product we noticed so many things in the bee keeping community. One thing that we have noticed is bee keepers are underserved when it comes to technology. There are so many different hive tracking systems and online forums for bee keepers and we have noticed that they are outdated, not mobile friendly, and unfortunately they are unsecure. This is not good for the user and does not represent the importance of bee keepers.

we have been actively developing and improving the hive management system and are excited to announce that we will officially be releasing version 2.0 In the coming weeks. Version 2.0 will include a form builder so that you can create your own inspection forms, enhanced dashboards for both yard and hive, weather alerts and weather analytics, a social networking aspect so you can add friends that have a common interest, and many more awesome features!

I will keep you updated and remember, the team at Hive Buddy is always happy to serve the bee keepers of our world! Thanks for all you do!

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