Hive Inspections Error


For the past couple days, when I go to view my inspections on a hive, I get an error message that says “Please try again later. Error!” It happens when I got to “Hives”, click on a hive, and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page where the inspections are normally listed. The error message pops up and then goes away after a few seconds, and after it’s gone the loading circle just continues to spin indefinitely.

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First off, thank you for reporting the bug!
I was able to reproduce the issue locally and am putting in a support ticket now to fix the issue.
I will keep you updated! :slight_smile:

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@The15thMember could you please try to add a hive inspection now and let us know if it works?


It’s working now! :grinning:

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Wonderful! Let us know if you find anymore bugs and we will do our best to squash them :grinning:

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