Is There a Way to Change Usernames?


Is there a way to have a username that is different from your email address? I can’t seem to figure out how to change mine if there is. If not, I think that would be a nice addition. Just privacy wise, I’d feel a little more comfortable if I at least had the option of having a username that was different from my e-mail.

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@The15thMember you are awesome! Thank you for your feedback. I am looking into this now.

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ok, so I have an update on this. For security reasons, our platform is set to allow a username change up to 3 days after making the account. I have changed that setting to 30 days.

@The15thMember do you think 30 days is a fair amount time to give users a chance to change their name? I don’t want it to be too long because that gap increases security risk.

What ya think?

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Sure, that sounds reasonable. The other thing that might make it easier for people and be better for security would be when you actually sign up having a spot to enter your username immediately. What happened to me was I signed up for Hive Buddy, but didn’t see the forum until a few days later and by that time I was too late to change my username or add my actual name. Which brings me to a similar issue I’m having, the spot for my name on my profile reads my e-mail as well, since I never entered my actual name. What I’d propose as the solution there would be to have the option to hide your actual name if you want.

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That is a good point and it sounds like that would be the best thing to do.

Also, I think instead of the user changing their username on the forum, they should have to change it on the hive buddy site.

The reason I say that is because we use what’s called single sign on (SSO). This means that you can use all of your same credentials to login to different parts of the Hive Buddy ecosystem. You don’t have to have a separate username and password to login to the forum, then the hive management part, then a different set to login to the mobile app ( when it is finished ).

SSO allows for us to give you all of your content no matter what part of the app you are using.

With that being said, when your username is changed on the forum, it doesn’t notify SSO server letting it know that the username has changed. If we make it to where the user can only change their username on the main site by viewing their profile, then we can populate the username accross all parts of the app by making a POST request to SSO.

I am going to open up an internal ticket for this. I think this is important because I eventually want to have a news feed on the main site where you can add friends, see their pictures, etc.

I will go ahead and continue to allow users to change their user name on the forum until we build in the functionality mention previously.

Oh, and thank you for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

internal ticket #76

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