Laying worker question- shaking out the bees in front of the hive


If you have a laying worker and want to introduce a mated queen; what is the best way to do this? I did see a you tube video about shaking the frames out in front of the hive but can’t remember how the queen was introduced. I know she was in the hive to give off her pheromone but how and when was she introduced? It would have to be after the frames of bees were removed… OR do you have any other workable correction for the hive?

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My $ 0.02, and worth exactly what you paid for it:

You need to shake the bees in front of OTHER hives, then make up a new hive ( think ‘nuc on steroids’) by using frames with lots of nurse bees from other colonies.

Shaking the ‘laying worker bees’ back into the same hive will accomplish nothing but the death of the new queen.