New bee keeper and new to forums


Hi, my name is Lisa, I am new to beekeeping having completed a beginner’s course and started my first hive this year. Starting to get the girls ready for winter and worrying about the increasing number of Asian hornet nests confirmed in the UK. I am on the south coast, so very much on the frontline, so next year will definitely have hornet traps up.


Hi Lisa, and welcome to the forum! Most of us on this forum seem to be heading into our first winter. I hope we all make it through! So unfortunate about the Asian hornets being introduced in the UK. Thankfully, we are still clear in the US, at least for now, but one rogue piece of imported wood and we could be in the same boat as you. Good luck in your fight against them!


Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the forum! A lot of newbees here, myself included. Hope your your bees come out of the winter in good health!! We also had some sightings of the Asian hornet, though I haven’t seen one yet; hope it stays that way. Did have a few European Hornetnests near my hive this summer. Might also put up some traps next year to protect my ladies.

Good luck!