Newbie Hello....bzzzz


Hello I am Natalie and I am from PA. We have a 200 acre farm and currently have one hive and looking to expand in the spring.


Hello Natalie!

Welcome to the forum! Hope your hive is doing great and please keep us posted on the expansion! Are you going to split your current hive or will you buy another colony from someone else?

Have a nice day!


We are looking to buy a nuc and complete hive in the spring. My mother in law and I recently attended a beekeeping seminar and are looking forward to expanding our colonies.


Nice! Please keep us posted on your progressions, so we can learn from/with you!
Good luck to the both of you!

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Hello im from Pennsylvania too im into my 5th year of keeping bees. What part of pa. Clearfield county here.

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welcome (: what part of pennsylvania are you from? I visit Lewistown every few years!


what…200 acres? That would be so awesome to live on that much land. Also, thanks for posting and welcome to the hive buddy community. I visit Lewistown every few years, my wife has family there.


North of Pittsburgh about 70 miles. How are you bees doing with all this rain? Mine have been bring in pollen when its nice out. Still whating for it to warm up so i can start doing splits was a hard winter on the bees. And drones to hach .


Same. Been getting a lot of rain in the south…crazy amounts of rain ! Weather has been up and down too!