Pollen trap with patty at the same time?


Stupid question but if you put a pollen trap on such as a Sundance at the same time as feeding pollen substitute would it end up in the trap. Would the bees leave the hive with substitute stuck to their legs causing it to fall in the trap. Here in Mass I am already seeing bees outside the hive with pollen on their legs and I was contemplating putting my pollen trap on, however I was still feeding a pollen patty. Is there any chance these bees I am seeing with pollen on their legs coming in contain the substitute? I am looking to collect some pollen before my allergies start.


I have no experience with feeding pollen or using a pollen trap, so this is just my best guess, but I don’t see why bees would take pollen out of a hive. I have never heard of bees removing stores from a hive, unless of course the bees are robbers. Therefore I don’t see why bees would carry the pollen substitute out of the hive through the trap. This is of course assuming you aren’t open feeding the patty. If you are, then I would think the pollen traps would collect the patty pollen. The only other reason they might remove the patty is if they aren’t eating, but removing it from the hive and dumping it, and in that case I honestly can’t say if it would be caught in the trap. Bees usually remove things from the hive using their mandibles, so I’d guess not, but I really don’t know. But as long as the bees are eating the patty, it’s probably fine.