Pulling Honey in North Dakota


Week long trip to pull honey off the canola fields.image ![image|666x500](upload://724M8vIU4ZlPEVTDrV2glRfPaimage image image image image


These are some of the coolest photos I have seen! How long did it take to load that truck? lol


@conniecollins1988 these photos are great!! Thank you for sharing. Please don’t be (bee) afraid to share more, lol. We really like them!

Also, how many hives do you have? that looks like a lot!


Thanks! Should have a few more pictures over the next couple of days. We run around 400 in the fall and then split to around 1600 in the spring. We go beside a commercial bekeeper who runs around 4000.

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Not very long. We have a guy on a hummerbee loading.

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How do you not lose most of the bees when transporting? I’ve seen videos of trucks hauling bees stopped at the California border, and there were bees flying everywhere. They can’t fly fast enough to catch up.

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You do loose some bees when transporting them. We net our trucks to help with this. But, it is always a gamble when you send bees.


What do you use to track your hives ? From the time they leave your yard, get to their destination, then back to your yard?


Our bees travel America all year long really. They don’t come right back. They go all over, and we go with them. So, I guess to answer your question, the truck drivers ship them and we unload and load them.


This is really nice! :heart_eyes: