Rapidly growing nuc possibly sawmy feed or not?


We picked up a nuc from betterbee, there were pretty nice nucs. I put them in a 10 frame super and they grew fast, I’ve been feeding 1:1 and some pollen sub to get them going. They sure hauled ass leaving just 2 frames on the outside and filling it with brood really quick, lots of capped brood. There was a couple of empty queen cups but no evidence of eggs in them. I added a second super and put two brood frames in to it and inserted empty partly drawn frames into the brood nest heart. We scrapped all our old drawn comb due to wax moths after taking a couple years off beekeeping. My question is do I continue to feed them 1:1 to keep them building comb or do I stop feeding to try and slow them down? Should I stop with pollen sub. Around here fruit trees are going and dandelions are getting going good now.