Rehabilitate Injured Bee


So, this may be a crazy question but have you ever had to rehabilitate a bee?
I was on my way home from work and I heard a loud thump on the wind shield. I look down by the windshield wipers and can notice that I had hit a bee. so, when I got home I got out and looked on the windshield and sure enough a bee with a lot of pollen was sitting there twitching but still moving just a little bit. I honestly don’t think that it could fly because it one of its wings were moving and the other was not. what do you guys do at that point? I didn’t know what else to do but to go set the bee in my yard very carefully around some plants that had pollen in them and hope for the best. I sat her where there were other bees in the area next to the hives. My question is : is it possible to rehabilitate a hurt be? if so, how have you done it in the past?


What kind of bee was it? Was it a honey bee? If it was a honey bee, I’d stick her on the landing board of a hive and maybe the other bees could help her out, maybe not. If it’s a solitary bee, like a carpenter or a bumble bee, or if it’s a honey bee and you have no hives, there’s not much you can do if she can’t fly anymore. I one time found an injured carpenter bee who couldn’t fly, and I tried to keep her alive by feeding her pollen and sugar syrup and it didn’t work. She died after a couple weeks, and she clearly wasn’t happy being stuck somewhere unable to fly. I think that putting your bee close to some flowers and letting nature take its course was probably the best decision. If you want to dispatch a bee (or any insect really) that you feel is better off not suffering any longer, I think the most humane way is to crush it or to put it in the freezer.

If you ever find a bee that seems to be having trouble flying, but doesn’t appear visibly injured, or if the bee is breathing hard (look for her abdomen expanding and contracting), that’s a bee you can try to help. Sometimes bees just run out of energy if they flew a little to far from home, and if you give them a little sugar syrup, they will revive and fly away.

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great info as always :smiley:

yes, it was a honey bee :confused:

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Well, I feel better about the fact that it was a honey bee and not a large bee. At least the honey bee workers have a short life span. Those large bees can live for a year or more depending on the species. That’s the way I look at it anyway. :woman_shrugging:

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