Sugar Dusting and Wax Moths


Hey, I’ve got some requests for the Hive Buddy interface.

  1. I am trying to treat my hives with no chemicals which means I not only do sugar rolls in my hive (a procedure where you put about 200 bees in a jar and test them for varroa using sugar), but I also actually treat my hives with powered sugar, a process referred to as sugar dusting, where I sift a cup of powered sugar into each box so the bees clean it out of the hive and lots of mites with it. Under the treatment section of the inspection report on Hive Buddy, the only thing I can currently select is a sugar roll. Could you add sugar dust as a treatment option too? That would be great for me.
  2. I have wax moths in my hives, and having a check box for them under diseases/pests would also be nice.
  3. This isn’t actually a request, but something I’m having trouble with. I can’t seem to add another hive to my yard. I was able to add my first hive when I created the yard, but nothing happens when I click the large + in the corner when I try to add my other hive.
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This is great feedback. I have put in an internal ticket with our team to get this added to the form. The ticket number is #77.

This is a great idea. I have opened an internal ticket to have this added to the inspection form. Ticket number #78.

Thank you so much for requesting these features, I will let you know when they are complete. I have opened another thread for the issue you are having in number three. This will help us focus on it (: Can't Add Another Hive To My Yard

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@The15thMember we have added a checkbox under diseases/pests for wax moths, made the new hive form scrollable on smaller mobile devices, and added sugar roll as a treatment option. Could you please check on your end to make sure everything is good to go?

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Thanks so much for adding these for me! Everything seems to be good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wonderful! You are very welcome :grinning:

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