The Unstoppable Swarm


Second year hive, came through winter fine in 2 mediums. I added a drawn medium and checkerboarded the top box in late february. I have added over the past month 3 additional mediums of drawn comb and under-supered with a drawn deep. 2 weeks ago I find queen cups being built. I put the queen into the bottom deep, which was still mostly empty, and put on a queen excluder. I tore down the cups (no eggs) at this time. 5 days later, the queen is happily laying in the deep, but the queen cups above the excluder are back WITH EGGS. All other eggs in the hive above the excluder have hatched, no new eggs anywhere else. I tear down the cups again. 3 days later I go in for a frame of brood to graft from. Queen is still laying happily in the deep. Still no eggs in the hive above the excluder, except once again I find rebuilt cups, with eggs and one with larva/jelly. Tore them down again. Today: same thing, queen below excluder, no eggs above, but lots of queen cups with eggs above excluder. Ive given them all the space in the world at all the right times, and they still want to swarm.