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I know what you are thinking… Great, yet another online forum for bee keepers.

Well, I can promise you that we are not like every other bee keeping forum out there. The bee keeping community has been neglected and underserved for years when it comes to technology and online websites. This forum is different In many ways. For example, this forum offers security, modernization, responsiveness, and the hive buddy hive management system. Also, if you use this forum Vs the others ,you will see that we have an advanced moderating system driven by the community, searchable discussion, follow system, private conversation with unlimited media attachments , vote up system to up vote your favorite posts, mark replies to your posts as official answers, edit topics/posts with full revision history, and an automatic trust system that let’s the whole community help cultivate positive and fruitful discussion.

The Hive Buddy Forum is part of hivebuddy.com. The forum was created for beekeepers to ask questions, answer questions, and enlighted eachother! You can find smart, caring, talented, and dedicated beekeepers in this community. You should visit this forum if you are new to beekeeping, an experienced beekeeper, or if you just want to browse around!

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