What to do with virgin queen?


If I had a dollar for every mistake I’ve made in my first year beekeeping I’d be a millionaire. Yesterday my overwintered hive swarmed. I caught the swarm and relocated it. The old hive had around 20 swarm cells in it and following the advice of some (not all) I cut out most of the cells. After cutting them out I saw a queen on the ground so I picked her up and placed her on the landing board. She went in and then I looked over at some of the cells I had cut out and another queen hatched and was walking on the landing board. She also went in. Now I’ve got 2 virgin queens and 2 cells inside the hive. I have no idea what is going to happen. I took the rest of the queen cells and put them in a bug catcher and when I got back to work one of them had hatched. I now have a virgin queen in my office. Should I just release her to the wild? I’d love to give her to someone but I’m don’t know any other beeks around.