Yellow jackets robbed my one of my hives


I am pretty sure my hive was taken over by yellow jackets, any suggestions?
I live in the north, just south of Madison, WI

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We’re going to need a little more info to better help you out. How big was the hive? When did you get the hive? It’s highly unlikely that a strong hive would just be overrun by yellow jackets, so there is probably some other underlying cause. What’s your varroa mite situation like? Have you treated for mites or not? Have you done a sugar roll recently to assess your mite count? How strong is the hive? How much honey, pollen, and brood do they have? Are you seeing anything else abnormal in the hive? When was the last time you did an inspection? Please run us through the basic stats of the hive and the kind of year it’s had and describe your situation so we can better assess what’s wrong.


Hi Gregg,

The 5th Member is right try looking on the inside of the hive to find out more reasons. The wasp attack is probably just the last thing that happened when the bee colony got too week to defend itself.

At the bee course I am in learning about beekeeping we make yellow jacket traps and hang them a little ways away from the bee yard so that we don’t attract them to the hives and reduce their numbers. We also go on walks to try and fins the wasp nests and take them down before they get too big and scary.

The wasps are attracted to the bees and brood themselves for protein and the honey too. Keep the beeyard clean by cleaning up your dead bees and compost them away from the beeyard so you dont leave all that yummy wasp food around.

In my beeyard I don’t have a a lot of wasps I have dragonflies…I am in a marshy area.

Don’t get discouraged just try again and binge watch YouTube wasp traps

Good luck

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